Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As the dust settles

Well its been a while since I've told you about my troubles with the leaking ceiling. Things are looking up now.

We have currently fully moved into the apartment. Many of the boxes still remain sealed, even several weeks since we moved. The furniture has all been moved into place. The living room is a cozy little room, the bedrooms simple but comfy. It feels much more relaxing here. The two cats, Skunk and Autumn both seem to agree.

I've also been currently looking for a job, but still to no prevail. I guess I'm not a wanted worker, oh well their loss.

Thanksgiving is only a week away. It seems like this month has been moving very fast. It only seems like last week we moved in.

Well thats all for now.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Raining into the apartment... on the bottom floor.

September has been know to be an unlucky month for my family, and this year it was not exception. I know I am typeing this late, but the events from September seems to be moving over to the beginning of this month.

From the beginning of September, weird things began happening. Nothing big other than a large amount of bad days. The time the weird events started happening the month was half way over with.

The first main event that happened, my modem keep losing the connection to the net. We had it checked out, and they replaced the splitter and the modem itself. Sadly the time of having internet 24/7 did not last long, as it started happening again. Being fed up with this we have decided on dropping the provider, cable TV and all. That would save us around $100+ each month. We have already decided to use half of it to keep up entertained. We shall be upgrading our Netflicks and GameFly account by 1 level. So you might say there is a silver lining within the darkness.

As for being connected, we have decided to connect our computer via WIFI. For a short time now there has been a WIFI signal going through the area. We tracked down the owner and came upon an agreement upon us using it.

Now that may seem like a tiny event compared to what has happened recently.

Beginning this month, we have been having horrid days. It was not till the second of October that the event happened. For a while we have had leaks in the house. One in the kitchen, which leaked only twice, greatly spaced out between the days. The second leak happened more frequently, but it was thankfully over the bath tub. Sadly this leak was massive.

The day started out great. Got sleep, got something to eat, and got a expected E-mail on time. I decided to put on a movie at 4PM. It was around 5PM that I was in the middle of watching Evil Dead 2 that the main event started. I heard what sounded like a shower, but it sounded closer than normal, and being curious I decided to check it out. It turns out the hallway sprung a leak from the light. I then threw the books, laundry basket, toilet paper, and tissue boxes into the nearby bedroom, hoping to save them. I opened the bathroom to get a bucket only to find it was flooded. Oh Joy. From that point my mind and body was racing. Doing all I could think of, I blocked the two cats from coming in, and I placed buckets under the leaks. The buckets themselves are good size, and it only took a matter of minutes to fill them.

When I got the chance I decided to call people. I called my mother, which she was at work. I was put on hold while at the same time dumping buckets. After a short while I got a hold of her. I stuttered a lot within the call, but thats understandable. After a while she got the message, and called the repair man. I was still rushing water out of the bathroom floor as fast as I could, while keeping the buckets from overflowing.

The next chance I got I IMed my brother, which as luck would have it, just got home with his roommate. After a small conversation they were on their way. I went back to work of getting rid of the water, hoping for dear life the repair man got here soon. After what seemed like a long time, someone knocked at the door. It was the long awaited repair man. Rushing in, he took one look and saw how big of a problem we had. Taking action, he quickly turned the water off through the entire building. The water still flowed freely. To make matters worse, it started to spread into my room. Starting at the hallway, making its way in.

Finally my mother arrived from work to survey the damage. sadly she was not expecting something like this. She took over while I took a small amount of time to rest my soaked hands and feet.

The leaks started to slow, but it was still coming down hard. After a while my brother and his roommate showed up to help, bringing in another bucket. With all of us working we were able to keep the water from hardly reaching the floor.

We went to see the cause of this mess, but sadly no one knew, or at least they were not telling. All they said was it was the second floor apartment bathroom was also flooded. The apartment manager sent out a water pump. We continued to take shifts and drain the water.

The pump company arrived, and took care of the second floor, then turned their sites onto our floor. It took a while, and the people were not so smart. They turned on the lights, in which the water was coming out of. During this mess, the manager went in. She started talking, and she said something about moving to a new apartment. Not some random apartment, but one across the street. We decided to look at it, even though I think we would have said yes. The carpet was gross, it needed a fresh paint job, but those were tasks that were underway.

The new apartment was nice. The Living room was not as big, but it was still a good size. The kitchen itself has a separate dining space. The two bedrooms are also bigger than what we have now. One even has a walk in closet. It does not have a fireplace, but we never used it. In its place it has AC. A really good deal for the same price we are paying now. They gave an approximated time that the carpet, the paint, and the roofing will be done withing about a week.

A pump, and a few holes in the ceiling later, things were calmer. They sprung a few holes in my room, and in my mother's room, to relieve the pressure. We decided to get something to eat while it was calm. We went to IHOP, and the night turned good again. The food was great and we discovered a silver lining to this mess. We wanted to move, and although we are moving across the street to the same apartment complex, we will have a newer place.

Now all we have to do is wait for the week to be up, and we shall move intot he new apartment.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Revisiting my old home.

Within the time I've been here in Cheyenne, I have been home sick the entire time. Sure this town is a change of pace, and only a short drive from Greeley, but its still not really my home. I missed seeing the mountains to the west, being in the town I've known my entire life. Also there was more to do there.

Recently I went with my family to get out of Cheyenne, and go back to Greeley for a day of relaxation. It did feel good to be there. While there we visited the Target, got some Mr. Pib there. Its the only place near us that sells it. We also went to the hastings. While there, I found two items. The first being the entire series to the anime Outlaw star for around $35. We also found Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga for around $40. I was unable to decide which to get, but after a while of consideration I decided on Digital Devil Saga. Even though it did not come with the soundtrack or art book, it was still a good find. It normally costs much more than that, and to find it complete would cost around $100.

We also visited a few other places, then we settled down to eat. We went to a Western Sizzlin. It is an all you can eat buffet. The food was below average, and the weighter was scaring us...

It was a good day, and but during the ride back to cheyenne, I was still home sick. I'll never be able to return to the place I once called home. With all the recent remodeling and such, the place it just to different to really call my home. I wonder if I'll ever find the place I can truly call home.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Renovation of this blog space:

Currently i've decided to change this blog. You will notice 3 blogs here. Site, Video Games, and Random stuff. That will reduce clutter in a single post, and will allow people to read what interests them. This area will be used for random ideas, and stuff among that nature. The site blog will have all the big news relating to . If its down, going down, or just being changed in some way, I'll be sure to post about it. The final blog is for videogames. Console, PC, hand held, it does not matter, all of it will be covered there. Be warned of spoilers though.

Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm still alive... as if anyone reads these.

Well as you may have read, I did not move. The simplified reason is because we had a bad feeling about it. We've been happy with our decision.

Since then I've been doing several things. With taxes I was able to find a Wii (all thanks to luck, and knowing people :D) Since then I bought 3 games, while renting a few others.
(Warning long list ahead. If you don't want to read it, skip ah
Games I own:
WiiSports: I give it a 4 1/2 out of 5. It has great replayablity, its great fun in parties, but it does sometimes get on my nerves.

WiiPlay: I give it a 3 1/2 out of 5. While it has more verity of games, the only one I ever play regularly is the billiards one. Tanks is fun every once in a while tho.

WarioWare: Smooth Moves: It gets a perfect 5. While the story mode may be short, its more of a party game anyways. Its always fun to watch people make an idiot of themselves.

Super Paper Mario Bros.: This also gets a 4 out of 5. It combines RPG elements well into classic Mario gameplay. Sadly it gets somewhat boring after a short while.

Games I rented. . . that I can remember:

Excite Truck: Ahhh this was fun. I liked the controls a lot, it was a bit surprising a launch third person game could be so much fun. Multiplayer gets really crazy.If it was not for the custom soundtrack, it would not be worth it to buy personally.

Pokemon Revolution: Another great game. I liked the 3D graphics, and it was fun to battle others. The different ruled arenas were a good touch in the single player mode. Sadly the announcer got on my nerves and sometimes said something that made me laugh out like a moron.

Sonic and the secret rings: It was alright. The controls were a little sketchy, but overall it was fun. The multiplayer was also a good touch, and brought back memories of the sonic board game , sonic shuffle, for the DreamCast.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon: It was fun, but I had much more fun playing the racing game in it... thats a bit sad.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess: It was a good game, but it felt somewhat lacking due to the lack of sidequests, and stuff to do outside of the story.

Super Mario Strikers: . . . don't know it was shipped to me a few days ago. Should arrive soon. Stay tuned for my next post to see how I liked it.

Overall there is none of those I would not recommen for a rent, but a few I just can't find myself to buy even at half price. Now as for the games I'm looking forward to, I have a few in my mind.

1. Battalion Wars 2: Loved the original, but hated how short it was. Hopefully they will have a better single player mode, and the multiplayer mode should be real fun.

2. Nights: Journey into dreams: I missed out on the original Nights. Thankfully I won't have to miss out on this version

3. Super Smash Bros. Brawl: I know, I know. Its just I like this game, but its not that high of a priority for me. I do have it reserved, so I know I'll get it when its released. I'm looking forward to useing Metaknight, and testing out the new Adventure mode.

4. Super Mario Galaxy: That game looks great. Being able to go upside down will provide some sicking fun.

5. Metroid Prime 3: I am looking forward to using the Wiimote to aim her cannon.

6. Mario Kart Wii: Its Mario Kart, with a mini plastic wheel, enough said.

Ok we have those lists out of the way, but if I wanted to really bore you to death (I commend you for getting this far) I could go on with several lists for each system I own, but I'm not THAT mean.

Other than playing on the wii, I've discovered a new flash site that offers more than any other flash game site. For the Developers, it provides money generated by the adds, for the players it offers challenges, which offer cards, to be used at a later time, and badges, which provide points.

On top of that I have not been completely wasting my time on games (although I've spent around 95% of it on games...) I've been working on perfecting html (Dame you tables!) and also working on CSS. After I get good at that I will look into expanding my abilities to Java.

Long story short (to late) I've yet to do anything with my life except learn a small amount of HTML and CSS.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Seeing myself in a mirror with my eyes closed

Well some things have happened since the last post.

In Site related notes, the first best game contest started and finished today. The results were somewhat pathetic, but somewhat good. Over 1/3 of the forum members voted. The sad part is there is only 6 members there. Oh well.

In Gaming life news, I'm overly joyed about the new release of soldat. 1.4 runs really well, I've yet to have the problems 1.3 had. . . sadly I lost my reg key, so I'm going to have to get another one soon... I want that mini map for the hell of it :P

I've also been having a blast playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the wii. The controls work well, and I am really loving the plot.

In personal life news, well I've got myself a part time job. It starts at 6 dollars an hour, and I only have to work around 15 hours each week. Sadly its a pizza joint, but with my mother working there, it could be lots of fun. Can anyone say water fights. If you can't well never say never, cause it did happen before. I vow to myself and a few others that I will give the job atleast 1 month of work, and I'll decide at that time if I stay or if I go. If I do stay for 3 months though I will get a free 25 dollars... but I will only know if its worth it when some time has passed.

I think this job will help me grow more as a person, allowing me to see more of myself upon the looking glass of life.

So heres hoping I will be able to see myself with my eyes closed.

Chaosknight Signing off.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A kink in life

Well I've been having a great time with my Wii. I've recently rented Sonic and the secret rings from a local place, and I'm having a blast. Also my family has grown to "like" it. We are having a blast playing Wii Sports, although we only have a single controller. We are at war with each other, trying to beat each others score :P. My brother holds the record for baseball, while my mother holds the current record for a normal game of bowling. Those are the scores that pop into my head at the moment, but we all have our strong points. I have a couple of medals in training. Its bound to heat up the next time we get together.

As for how I'm feeling, well I'm alright except for a kink in my neck. I can only move my head left without it hurting.

Now for those viewers of my website, the time of the first Best game contest. 4 days, at the time of this writting. We also got a new member in the forums. Heres to the hope for the beginning of a full and active site.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A wonderful day

Well believe it or not, I had a wonderful day today. Since I woke up (2:00 PM) the day seemed weird. I was well rested, and full of energy. Around 6:00 PM we went out. We stopped by a dollar store, laughing with each other. We then went to K-mart. We expected nothing, but when we got to the electronics, we found a Wii. We did not know if there was enough out of taxs to buy it then and there, but thankfully the guy at the register was someone my mother worked with. He held the Wii while we double checked. At around 7 PM they left the house after checking the account to get it. I stayed behind in case someone we were expecting got off work early. Around 30 minutes later they showed up with the wii. A little after that fact the person we were waiting for showed up. We then ate a wonderful Beef Braid dinner, then left for a movie at the dollar theaters.

The movie we watched was Ghost rider. It was one of those few movies that we would have gladly paid full price for. It is in fact one of the few Marvel movies I liked. The other two being the first 2 X-men movies... I'm still looking forward to the Iron man movie though.

Now everyone is asleep, except for me. The wii is hooked up and working great.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

An weird feeling

Well I did not move. We had a weird feeling about it and we have been taught to go with our feelings.

So with all that, we took all that money that we were going to use on the trip to make our selves at home. We bought beds, soft soft beds ^_^, and some other things. I got a few books, a game (Command & conquer: The first Decade) and now we are looking for a Wii. I have yet to see one on shelves since it was released. Its going to be real "fun" to find one. I've also was persuaded to play halo. I've downloaded the demo and I'm drooling over it. Sure its old, but its still a great game... time to fork over 20 more dollars for it. . .

oh well, time to go to bed and continue to unpack what we packed before we decided not to go.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some useless facts about me.

I shall post about some of the inner workings of my mind.


Normally I stay up late. I also tend to sleep in. I tend to sleep with a heavy blanket all the time, sometimes even 2. But sleeping for me is not as easy as you may think. If my mind is wondering then I will find it hard to fall asleep.

There are a few events that keep me up. The first is if there is a big event happeneing soon. For my is could be a birthday, a holiday, starting something big (school, work, ect) and other things like that. I have yet to find a way to sleep easily during such times.

The second event is when my mind is filled with certin emotions. They could be anything from excitement, to extreme sorrow. In those cases I tend to read, or work out the said problem.

The final main event is when I form the beginning of a story in my head. In those cases I get up and force myself to put those on paper, if its to late to get back onto the computer. In fact thats how most of my stories begin.

Story writing:

As many know I like to write stories. As with sleeping, I have several methods of starting stories.

1. As you read above, the words come to me when I try to sleep or rest.

2. Being in a state of pure emotion also tends to be a great way to make a story for me.

Number 2 has produced a lot of interesting results. Some were born out of Hatred and Anger, while some sorrowful tales started when I was being extremely depressed. Bordom tends to give a drama stories with a twist. Excitement tends to not produce stories, but you never know.

Now many people would like to see some of the stories, but the fact is many are on paper, and I'm to lazy to write them. Also many of the stories were never published, so they are deemed unfit for the public.

My Dreams for the future:

Well I normally don't talk about this, but might as well. To be honest I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. I do like to write, but the thing is I need to be inspired to write. Thats something that does not happen every week. . or month for that matter. Besides I would hate to fake it. There are many books that were made out of the authors mind, many with out the persons blood and sweat in it. I just can't seem to like those. The books that you can since a deep feeling of what is being conveyed is something worth reading. There are many other things I like, but since I quit High school, my current job opportunity's are extremely limited, but I play one getting a GED. If I do, I would like to do something with computers, while writing something in my free time.

Oh well thats all for now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A continued interview

Well here we are again. Having a good day, while tired. This will continue the interview from last time. The interviewer won't allow me to say his username due to request. Trust me this was a surprise to me. I was not even expecting it to continue.

Welcome back Chaos.
Good to be back.
Shall we get started again?

OK lets start off this by talking about the site itself. Why did you start this site up?

Well at first due to the fact I was without a job, I could not buy games. I got bored and found a game called Myth Wars. It was a turn based MMORPG. It was great fun, but I tend to grow bored of a game if I play only that one game. So I set forth finding free games through many tough searches. Then after a while I got board. So I made the site out of pure boredom.

Sounds simple. I heard this took some major changes from the beginning how is that?

To be honest I never expected it to last as long as it has. I have made many sites before, only to quit on them within a week. But the day after I made it, something hit me and I was inspired to keep this site going, if only for the sake of myself. The site was originaly going to be based on my opinion of what games I liked, but the one major problem with that is that it was my opinion.They would get a taste of only what I like. People have many different preferences, so not everyone would agree with me on my picks. Also all the genre had their own page, just like in the forum right now, with each of the games on a single page. They also had a small chat box for people to post comments for the said games. That caused lag. It took me and many people with a cable connection around 1-3 minutes to load fully. Now imagine that for people on slower speeds. From then some changes had to be made. I tried to split the pages up into many pages, but I then found out free freewebs accounts could only host 20 pages. So I hosted a small poll for the few people that visited at that time. The poll asked what to do. It was to take out the chat boxes, get a forum, or leave as is. The forum vote ended with great success for some reason. I was expecting take the chat boxes off option to win. But a day before the poll ended, I started getting the prep ready. After the forum won I opened the forum within the hour to the public. From then I added a few extra pages, including the update archive, best of the best, and I think I added about me at that time... can't remember.

Wow... I was expecting a short answer not a essey.

Sorry, I get a bit carried away when talking about something or another... mainly when my brain is fried.

No that was a great answer. Anyways time to continue. Freewebs had a option for a blog for the longest while, why didn't you use that instead of blogger?

Well thats a very funny. . . . . ok its not funny its just short. I did not care for the freewebs blog, it felt kinda bleh, so I Googled and found this nice site.

Well what about the new forum option from freewebs? are you planning on switching over to that any time soon?

Nope. As with the many sites that I made and forgot about, I made many forums, with only 1 other still in use now. I tryed many different forums, but Invasion free was my favorite out of those. I do not plan to switch to another forum for a long while. . . if not ever. If the time calls for it I shall ask the forum dwellers their opinion.

Forum Dwellers? There are only 5 of you. . .

True, we may be small in numbers, but I'm trying to get a few people to join. I am advertising to many sites, mainly with a simple topic and with the nice new banner Nighthawk made in forums :)

Well what are the plans for the future of Gaming Paupers fix?

Well I've thought long and hard on that matter. I'm going to stick with this for a long time. I'm planning on upgrading the freewebs account, and get a domain name. I might switch over to a new host if I can bring the site layout with me. As for the forum, I may pay for some stuff, but I can make better use with the money for prizes or something like that.

Prizes!!! there will be prizes... what kind of prizes? And what kind of contests will be held for that matter.

Well The contests will most likely be simple. As in recruit people, the person with the most will get the prize, the person that summits the best game review, most (good) reviews written, game tournaments, stuff like that mainly. As for the prizes, we will see. When I start out I may start small with like a Soldat registration code. From there I will maybe go with Shirt prizes or something bigger as I gain a good rep for not holding out on the winner.

Sounds interesting, but sadly time has ran out (thanks to your long typing )
Lol as I said I tend to get on a rant about random things when my minds fried :P

Monday, March 12, 2007

Clearing up some stuff

Well its been known that I'm going to be moving for around a month. What is not know is whats going to become of the forum or even when I'm going to be going. Well its time to clear it up.

When is the date of the move?
I'm going to be moving around April 2nd.

Where are you now, and where are you moving to?
I'm currently in Cheyenne Wyoming, and I'm going to moving to around Seattle Washington.

Are you scared?
F*** yeah I'm scared. This is the first big move I'm done in my life. In total I've only visited 2 states, and thats not saying much. The biggest move I've done was from Greeley to Cheyenne.

What are you going to miss most of all?
Well there are many things. The main things I'm going to miss are being near family, being in familiar surrounding's, and knowing all the good places to eat.

Your leaving family? Do you want to add onto that?
Sure. Well we are leaving 2 family members. Scott Cruz (who we unofficially adopted) and Michael Reason (my brother). I'm going to miss so much with them. I'm going to miss their birthdays (one being on the 16th of April), Halloween, Christmas, and all that. I'm going to really miss being around those two bad influences.

That must be tough. Do you have any way to keep in contact with them?
Well we got a cell phone, to help with being in contact while on the rode, a web cam so we can see each other's faces while we are away, and a digital camera to send all those crazy moments to each other.

... well lets try to change the subject, mainly because I am short on time.
ok, I could ramble on forever about them.

What will happen to the site you are working on, and the forum attached to it?
Well I've thought about this. For the main site, I'm going to leave it as is. I'll put up a note explaining why I'm not around, and I'll take that off when I get the chance. As for the forum, I'm going to leave it in the hands of Nighthawk. I know he will do a good job. If there is a need for a second mod, he has all right to do what needs to be done.

What if he goes crazy, and bans all of us?
I'm 100% sure he won't do that without good reason. I have great trust in him, thats why I made him the rank he is now.

Ok thats good to hear. How long will it take you to get the internet back?
Well thats one thing thats hard to say. It will depend on many factors including mainly including money and time. I'm estimating around 1-2 weeks. Of course I may be back on dialup so I may not be able to visit as often (or update, test games, ect...)

Wow that is sad. Well the best of luck to you, and lets hope you have a safe trip.
Will do. But who knows, I might do a temp picture gallery when I return. You may finally see the face of the person behind the forums and such.

I shall wait for that day :), but sadly my time has ran out.
:) ok I'll wait for the next interview for when I return from the 3 day move (plus the intenetless

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just another manic monday

So much has gone on today. With it being the beginning of the month, we have been packing up. We have also been getting items ready. We have recently got a Cell Phone, which is being shipped here. We bought a digital camera, and a 256 SD card, a web cam, and a thin pocket alarm clock. The clock it self is nice, it is around half a inch all around when folded, and around 3-4 inches arcross. When open it shows the time, the alarm, the current temp, and the date. It has a 3 second light, and a snooze alarm. Its also pretty loud. A steal for 10 dollars. Here I go rambling on about items...oh dear.

Well on another note where I live is a HUGE mess. Boxes everywhere. Nothing more has to be said about that.

On news about my website, I have been playing Purge a lot. Other than that not much can be said. I updated the top games of the month, but with so few visitors, it seems like a hopeless cause. Each time I do think that, I am almost tempted to give up. but I don't want to give up to any of the people that visit now. I have faith in my site, in fact this is the first site I've made ever that even up... other than that there is only 1 other forum being used. Oh well.

Well its time I go. At time of post the temp where I live is 78 F, and 37 F outside.
Goodnight, and I'm praying I can get a great sleep tonight.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

As the time comes to a close. . .

V_V its almost 1 month till moving day. I'm getting a bit nervous, but I'm still excited about this move. We are now packing up in most of our free time. All the memories... We have also been eating mostly fast food recently >_< I'm so sick of it now, but we can't really stock up our kitchen with food now. We have also been making lists of what goes with us. I already know I'm taking 3 boxes. 1 Is something that I will never leave behind. Its my baby blanket that has some good memories to it. Another is of course books,oh the wonders of books. The other box is filled with odds and ends... maybe it will just be filled with a few bears that mean something to me. We have also decided to store all the VHS tapes we have at the house. Taking our selection of DVDs will be our main sanity keeper there. . . but I know we will mostly watch Tremors 1-4, signs, The Birds, Saw 1-3 the most. My games are of course going, as they will help when I'm home alone. This computer will be going, along with so many disks. We would like to take the big cat perch here. We will be taking a lawn chair, although made of metal, its very nice to sit on. We are leaving the big tv here, as its about shot, and taking a much smaller TV. My eyes are soar already. . . Here I go rambling about random stuff again. I tell ya I need to stop going off and rambling on stuff like that. Well that does it for this blog session, hope to write to you all again soon.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wondering mind

Well my mind is wondering all around again. To be honest I had no idea I had a mind, but any way, lets get started. The first thing my mind is wondering on about has to do with my website. Its about game and all that, but there is a limit to what it can host. Currently the game pages load extremely slow. I can speed it up, but every action has some problems. I could do nothing about it, but the current loading problems would still be there, I could take out the problem, but people would not be able to rate or give their opinions about the games, and the final thing I can do is create a forum, and make a topic for each game. I can't add more pages, as the current provider only allows 20 pages. Around 14 of them are taken up, and I can add a few more pages which is not enough in the long run. I hate indecisive minds.

The next question on my mind is mainly this: What was I going to ask?

Well as my mind trys tofigure out the answer, its happy to know a few things. The first being the first timeline of moving is extended by about 1 month. We will move move at the END of march. The next thing is some of my favorite games are still being made.

I know many of these things are trivial, but to me they either make or break my minds concentration.

Well untill next post, so long readers.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Torture is knowing

Recently I have had only 1 thing on my mind. That this is the move which will be happening in around 1 month. I'm moving with my mother, on only a paycheck and taxes. I am honestly scared of going into the unknown area, but what must be done will be done. From what I figure the move will act like this:

All of February - Packing stuff, and deciding what stays or goes.
Sometime in march: We head off on the aprox. 17 hour drive.
1 ~ 9 hours of drive: Making small pit stops for the two cats, and our selves.
10 ~ 14 hours of driving: we stop for the night, exhausted. Hopefully there will be internet connection so I can talk to friends.

Outcome 1:
11 ~ 17 to 14 ~17 hours of driving: We finally reach our destination. Exhausted, we look at the sights as we find out way to our new home.

A hour later: We finally made it there. We brought the cats inside, along with many of the boxes we have brought with us. We go back out and bring in the rest of the items. After resting for a few minutes (or hours) we start to unpack. Being exhausted we go to bed early.

Outcome 2
11 ~ 17 to 14 ~ 17 hours of driving: we finally reach our destination. We go to a local hotel (maybe motel,) and get a room. We then leave and search for a new living courters. We go to bed early.

Next Day: We find a apartment. We move the items in, and start to unpack. After a few hours of unpacking, we go out and explore the new city, looking for possible jobs.

And thats all I can guess without going all out on all odds.

Currently the worst part of the move is knowing its so close. Its been affecting everything about me, including my mood, my gaming habits, and my silence. Honestly as I stated above, I'm scared. I'll be leaving my brother, who I love dearly, here in this boring dump of a town.

Well heres hoping for the best.