Thursday, March 29, 2007

An weird feeling

Well I did not move. We had a weird feeling about it and we have been taught to go with our feelings.

So with all that, we took all that money that we were going to use on the trip to make our selves at home. We bought beds, soft soft beds ^_^, and some other things. I got a few books, a game (Command & conquer: The first Decade) and now we are looking for a Wii. I have yet to see one on shelves since it was released. Its going to be real "fun" to find one. I've also was persuaded to play halo. I've downloaded the demo and I'm drooling over it. Sure its old, but its still a great game... time to fork over 20 more dollars for it. . .

oh well, time to go to bed and continue to unpack what we packed before we decided not to go.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some useless facts about me.

I shall post about some of the inner workings of my mind.


Normally I stay up late. I also tend to sleep in. I tend to sleep with a heavy blanket all the time, sometimes even 2. But sleeping for me is not as easy as you may think. If my mind is wondering then I will find it hard to fall asleep.

There are a few events that keep me up. The first is if there is a big event happeneing soon. For my is could be a birthday, a holiday, starting something big (school, work, ect) and other things like that. I have yet to find a way to sleep easily during such times.

The second event is when my mind is filled with certin emotions. They could be anything from excitement, to extreme sorrow. In those cases I tend to read, or work out the said problem.

The final main event is when I form the beginning of a story in my head. In those cases I get up and force myself to put those on paper, if its to late to get back onto the computer. In fact thats how most of my stories begin.

Story writing:

As many know I like to write stories. As with sleeping, I have several methods of starting stories.

1. As you read above, the words come to me when I try to sleep or rest.

2. Being in a state of pure emotion also tends to be a great way to make a story for me.

Number 2 has produced a lot of interesting results. Some were born out of Hatred and Anger, while some sorrowful tales started when I was being extremely depressed. Bordom tends to give a drama stories with a twist. Excitement tends to not produce stories, but you never know.

Now many people would like to see some of the stories, but the fact is many are on paper, and I'm to lazy to write them. Also many of the stories were never published, so they are deemed unfit for the public.

My Dreams for the future:

Well I normally don't talk about this, but might as well. To be honest I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. I do like to write, but the thing is I need to be inspired to write. Thats something that does not happen every week. . or month for that matter. Besides I would hate to fake it. There are many books that were made out of the authors mind, many with out the persons blood and sweat in it. I just can't seem to like those. The books that you can since a deep feeling of what is being conveyed is something worth reading. There are many other things I like, but since I quit High school, my current job opportunity's are extremely limited, but I play one getting a GED. If I do, I would like to do something with computers, while writing something in my free time.

Oh well thats all for now.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A continued interview

Well here we are again. Having a good day, while tired. This will continue the interview from last time. The interviewer won't allow me to say his username due to request. Trust me this was a surprise to me. I was not even expecting it to continue.

Welcome back Chaos.
Good to be back.
Shall we get started again?

OK lets start off this by talking about the site itself. Why did you start this site up?

Well at first due to the fact I was without a job, I could not buy games. I got bored and found a game called Myth Wars. It was a turn based MMORPG. It was great fun, but I tend to grow bored of a game if I play only that one game. So I set forth finding free games through many tough searches. Then after a while I got board. So I made the site out of pure boredom.

Sounds simple. I heard this took some major changes from the beginning how is that?

To be honest I never expected it to last as long as it has. I have made many sites before, only to quit on them within a week. But the day after I made it, something hit me and I was inspired to keep this site going, if only for the sake of myself. The site was originaly going to be based on my opinion of what games I liked, but the one major problem with that is that it was my opinion.They would get a taste of only what I like. People have many different preferences, so not everyone would agree with me on my picks. Also all the genre had their own page, just like in the forum right now, with each of the games on a single page. They also had a small chat box for people to post comments for the said games. That caused lag. It took me and many people with a cable connection around 1-3 minutes to load fully. Now imagine that for people on slower speeds. From then some changes had to be made. I tried to split the pages up into many pages, but I then found out free freewebs accounts could only host 20 pages. So I hosted a small poll for the few people that visited at that time. The poll asked what to do. It was to take out the chat boxes, get a forum, or leave as is. The forum vote ended with great success for some reason. I was expecting take the chat boxes off option to win. But a day before the poll ended, I started getting the prep ready. After the forum won I opened the forum within the hour to the public. From then I added a few extra pages, including the update archive, best of the best, and I think I added about me at that time... can't remember.

Wow... I was expecting a short answer not a essey.

Sorry, I get a bit carried away when talking about something or another... mainly when my brain is fried.

No that was a great answer. Anyways time to continue. Freewebs had a option for a blog for the longest while, why didn't you use that instead of blogger?

Well thats a very funny. . . . . ok its not funny its just short. I did not care for the freewebs blog, it felt kinda bleh, so I Googled and found this nice site.

Well what about the new forum option from freewebs? are you planning on switching over to that any time soon?

Nope. As with the many sites that I made and forgot about, I made many forums, with only 1 other still in use now. I tryed many different forums, but Invasion free was my favorite out of those. I do not plan to switch to another forum for a long while. . . if not ever. If the time calls for it I shall ask the forum dwellers their opinion.

Forum Dwellers? There are only 5 of you. . .

True, we may be small in numbers, but I'm trying to get a few people to join. I am advertising to many sites, mainly with a simple topic and with the nice new banner Nighthawk made in forums :)

Well what are the plans for the future of Gaming Paupers fix?

Well I've thought long and hard on that matter. I'm going to stick with this for a long time. I'm planning on upgrading the freewebs account, and get a domain name. I might switch over to a new host if I can bring the site layout with me. As for the forum, I may pay for some stuff, but I can make better use with the money for prizes or something like that.

Prizes!!! there will be prizes... what kind of prizes? And what kind of contests will be held for that matter.

Well The contests will most likely be simple. As in recruit people, the person with the most will get the prize, the person that summits the best game review, most (good) reviews written, game tournaments, stuff like that mainly. As for the prizes, we will see. When I start out I may start small with like a Soldat registration code. From there I will maybe go with Shirt prizes or something bigger as I gain a good rep for not holding out on the winner.

Sounds interesting, but sadly time has ran out (thanks to your long typing )
Lol as I said I tend to get on a rant about random things when my minds fried :P

Monday, March 12, 2007

Clearing up some stuff

Well its been known that I'm going to be moving for around a month. What is not know is whats going to become of the forum or even when I'm going to be going. Well its time to clear it up.

When is the date of the move?
I'm going to be moving around April 2nd.

Where are you now, and where are you moving to?
I'm currently in Cheyenne Wyoming, and I'm going to moving to around Seattle Washington.

Are you scared?
F*** yeah I'm scared. This is the first big move I'm done in my life. In total I've only visited 2 states, and thats not saying much. The biggest move I've done was from Greeley to Cheyenne.

What are you going to miss most of all?
Well there are many things. The main things I'm going to miss are being near family, being in familiar surrounding's, and knowing all the good places to eat.

Your leaving family? Do you want to add onto that?
Sure. Well we are leaving 2 family members. Scott Cruz (who we unofficially adopted) and Michael Reason (my brother). I'm going to miss so much with them. I'm going to miss their birthdays (one being on the 16th of April), Halloween, Christmas, and all that. I'm going to really miss being around those two bad influences.

That must be tough. Do you have any way to keep in contact with them?
Well we got a cell phone, to help with being in contact while on the rode, a web cam so we can see each other's faces while we are away, and a digital camera to send all those crazy moments to each other.

... well lets try to change the subject, mainly because I am short on time.
ok, I could ramble on forever about them.

What will happen to the site you are working on, and the forum attached to it?
Well I've thought about this. For the main site, I'm going to leave it as is. I'll put up a note explaining why I'm not around, and I'll take that off when I get the chance. As for the forum, I'm going to leave it in the hands of Nighthawk. I know he will do a good job. If there is a need for a second mod, he has all right to do what needs to be done.

What if he goes crazy, and bans all of us?
I'm 100% sure he won't do that without good reason. I have great trust in him, thats why I made him the rank he is now.

Ok thats good to hear. How long will it take you to get the internet back?
Well thats one thing thats hard to say. It will depend on many factors including mainly including money and time. I'm estimating around 1-2 weeks. Of course I may be back on dialup so I may not be able to visit as often (or update, test games, ect...)

Wow that is sad. Well the best of luck to you, and lets hope you have a safe trip.
Will do. But who knows, I might do a temp picture gallery when I return. You may finally see the face of the person behind the forums and such.

I shall wait for that day :), but sadly my time has ran out.
:) ok I'll wait for the next interview for when I return from the 3 day move (plus the intenetless

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just another manic monday

So much has gone on today. With it being the beginning of the month, we have been packing up. We have also been getting items ready. We have recently got a Cell Phone, which is being shipped here. We bought a digital camera, and a 256 SD card, a web cam, and a thin pocket alarm clock. The clock it self is nice, it is around half a inch all around when folded, and around 3-4 inches arcross. When open it shows the time, the alarm, the current temp, and the date. It has a 3 second light, and a snooze alarm. Its also pretty loud. A steal for 10 dollars. Here I go rambling on about items...oh dear.

Well on another note where I live is a HUGE mess. Boxes everywhere. Nothing more has to be said about that.

On news about my website, I have been playing Purge a lot. Other than that not much can be said. I updated the top games of the month, but with so few visitors, it seems like a hopeless cause. Each time I do think that, I am almost tempted to give up. but I don't want to give up to any of the people that visit now. I have faith in my site, in fact this is the first site I've made ever that even up... other than that there is only 1 other forum being used. Oh well.

Well its time I go. At time of post the temp where I live is 78 F, and 37 F outside.
Goodnight, and I'm praying I can get a great sleep tonight.