Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Raining into the apartment... on the bottom floor.

September has been know to be an unlucky month for my family, and this year it was not exception. I know I am typeing this late, but the events from September seems to be moving over to the beginning of this month.

From the beginning of September, weird things began happening. Nothing big other than a large amount of bad days. The time the weird events started happening the month was half way over with.

The first main event that happened, my modem keep losing the connection to the net. We had it checked out, and they replaced the splitter and the modem itself. Sadly the time of having internet 24/7 did not last long, as it started happening again. Being fed up with this we have decided on dropping the provider, cable TV and all. That would save us around $100+ each month. We have already decided to use half of it to keep up entertained. We shall be upgrading our Netflicks and GameFly account by 1 level. So you might say there is a silver lining within the darkness.

As for being connected, we have decided to connect our computer via WIFI. For a short time now there has been a WIFI signal going through the area. We tracked down the owner and came upon an agreement upon us using it.

Now that may seem like a tiny event compared to what has happened recently.

Beginning this month, we have been having horrid days. It was not till the second of October that the event happened. For a while we have had leaks in the house. One in the kitchen, which leaked only twice, greatly spaced out between the days. The second leak happened more frequently, but it was thankfully over the bath tub. Sadly this leak was massive.

The day started out great. Got sleep, got something to eat, and got a expected E-mail on time. I decided to put on a movie at 4PM. It was around 5PM that I was in the middle of watching Evil Dead 2 that the main event started. I heard what sounded like a shower, but it sounded closer than normal, and being curious I decided to check it out. It turns out the hallway sprung a leak from the light. I then threw the books, laundry basket, toilet paper, and tissue boxes into the nearby bedroom, hoping to save them. I opened the bathroom to get a bucket only to find it was flooded. Oh Joy. From that point my mind and body was racing. Doing all I could think of, I blocked the two cats from coming in, and I placed buckets under the leaks. The buckets themselves are good size, and it only took a matter of minutes to fill them.

When I got the chance I decided to call people. I called my mother, which she was at work. I was put on hold while at the same time dumping buckets. After a short while I got a hold of her. I stuttered a lot within the call, but thats understandable. After a while she got the message, and called the repair man. I was still rushing water out of the bathroom floor as fast as I could, while keeping the buckets from overflowing.

The next chance I got I IMed my brother, which as luck would have it, just got home with his roommate. After a small conversation they were on their way. I went back to work of getting rid of the water, hoping for dear life the repair man got here soon. After what seemed like a long time, someone knocked at the door. It was the long awaited repair man. Rushing in, he took one look and saw how big of a problem we had. Taking action, he quickly turned the water off through the entire building. The water still flowed freely. To make matters worse, it started to spread into my room. Starting at the hallway, making its way in.

Finally my mother arrived from work to survey the damage. sadly she was not expecting something like this. She took over while I took a small amount of time to rest my soaked hands and feet.

The leaks started to slow, but it was still coming down hard. After a while my brother and his roommate showed up to help, bringing in another bucket. With all of us working we were able to keep the water from hardly reaching the floor.

We went to see the cause of this mess, but sadly no one knew, or at least they were not telling. All they said was it was the second floor apartment bathroom was also flooded. The apartment manager sent out a water pump. We continued to take shifts and drain the water.

The pump company arrived, and took care of the second floor, then turned their sites onto our floor. It took a while, and the people were not so smart. They turned on the lights, in which the water was coming out of. During this mess, the manager went in. She started talking, and she said something about moving to a new apartment. Not some random apartment, but one across the street. We decided to look at it, even though I think we would have said yes. The carpet was gross, it needed a fresh paint job, but those were tasks that were underway.

The new apartment was nice. The Living room was not as big, but it was still a good size. The kitchen itself has a separate dining space. The two bedrooms are also bigger than what we have now. One even has a walk in closet. It does not have a fireplace, but we never used it. In its place it has AC. A really good deal for the same price we are paying now. They gave an approximated time that the carpet, the paint, and the roofing will be done withing about a week.

A pump, and a few holes in the ceiling later, things were calmer. They sprung a few holes in my room, and in my mother's room, to relieve the pressure. We decided to get something to eat while it was calm. We went to IHOP, and the night turned good again. The food was great and we discovered a silver lining to this mess. We wanted to move, and although we are moving across the street to the same apartment complex, we will have a newer place.

Now all we have to do is wait for the week to be up, and we shall move intot he new apartment.