Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A long time no update or Just a small update

Its been a long time since I updated the blogs. For that I'm sorry. Now its time to play catch up.

Many things have happened since the last entry. For starters I was able to get mostly stable net. The net is even faster than what it once was. I'm really amazed at the speeds of the downloads. I missed this very much. I've been able to catch up on a lot of things. I updated to the new firefox, caught up on all the webcomics I've been reading, and did some heavy gaming on Kongregate.

On the other side of the net I've been trying to further better my life. I've been trying to find a job, find a better place to live, and sort my life out. Lets face it, the job market stinks here, I'm sure it also is not to good over where you live. I've applied to many jobs, including a server. I've been rejected every time. I also don't think getting a GED or having finished school would have helped. As a matter of fact my brother is a good example on how bad the job market is. He went to school, majored in business. Right now hes even being rejected as a server. Times are hard, but we shall live on. We won't let a little thing like this get in our way.

We are also looking for new apartments. Things have gotten bad since the new neighbors. They are a group of Mexicans. I do not mean to sound rude, but ever since they moved in the apartment went down hill fast. Cans, fast food bags, other random pieces of trash are thrown all about the stairwell. They clutter the hallways a lot. And to make matters worse they have 3-5 cars that hog up the parking space. I kid you not. We also tend to get a good view into their apartment as they leave their door wide open. They have nothing it seems. For a large family (I counted 10 people living there) they sure get by with only their cars and a couple of flags. But anyways I ramble. We have been looking for a place closer to my Brother, so we would not have to waste so much when picking him up and going to see him. People overprice their houses when they rent, or they are for sell. We did find one place that was to good to be true, and it was. The one condition for us moving in would be having our cats declawed in fear they would shred the carpet. We would never do such a thing to our cats, and to make things worse the carpet was not even remotely new.

I curse at my affinity for webcomics. I tend to find more and more webcomics monthly. As of now I'm watching 39 comics, with around 5 or so that I'm going to look into. Thankfully with that many comics I can pretty much look forward to a new update everyday. I might post a list someday if demand for it ever comes down to is, but in order to simple, most of the comics can be found at I'm sure if you look hard enough you could find something that you would like.

Webcomics aside, I've recently been having fun with Megaman 9. I'm retro at heart, and since I first heard of this new classic Megaman entry I was feeding off the new information as it trickled in. As of now I can't get enough of the game. The game itself is a huge throwback to the NES era, and the difficulty matches well. I love having the pixel perfect jumps and interesting twists it brings.

Also if any of you readers like internet radio, I've been experimenting with my own. in order to listen to it, follow this link and click the download button. Once the client is open enter 20596 into the top field. From there you can listen to the songs I have uploaded to the station. I'm open for requests for songs, and no I'm not going to go live since my Mike broke recently.

I also have found I can drink regular coffee. Up till now I only had coffee with added flavors. I never had regular. While I can drink it black I perfer it with a little sugar and milk. I really have became a coffee addict, although I'm not sure thats a good thing.

Anyways I'll try to keep you all in the loop if something happens. As of now I'm going to play more MM9.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Job status update

As I promised, here is the update about the job situation. The short story, I have a job. The long story is I work for the recruiter place. I report to them until the day an employer decides they want to keep me.

The job has full benefits from the get go, and able to get a nice bonus after working so much.

As for when I start. . . well that's a bit sketchy. You see the moment I begin is when they find me some work. It can be anything from disassembling a desk, and putting it back together elsewhere, to office work. Heres hoping. So yeah, if all goes well I should begin work within the month, or continue to be a lazy lay about. Its a win-win :D

Monday, May 5, 2008

Job attempt take 362

It is happening again. This time however is slightly different than the last few times. I'm not putting in a application, instead I'm going to a recruiter office to take a few placement tests. Hopefully then they shall find a nice office job.

I'm pretty confident that I will do good on the tests. How these tests are done are you choose what type of job you want, then you take a quiz for them. From what I was told there are several jobs where the main needed skill is knowing how to use Microsoft Word. Simple. Sure I might have to learn to use excel or some other program I'm not used to, but I catch on quickly.

I'm also not going in this alone. The entire family is taking part. In fact I found out, and later decided to do this, thanks to my brother, who already took a few of the tests. He will be bringing his computer to educate us on some of the more strange things we may need to know.

Within all honesty I'd be happy if I found a job. I'm not really wanting to get into something dealing with food, and retail, while better, is still bleh. I prefer to work with computers, and typing stuff up would be within my grasp of things I'd be able to do well.

Anyways, thank you for reading.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Random events leave bad tastes

Things have been chaotic on this side of the Earth. I don't honestly know where to begin.

For starters I've been being driven up the wall by my neighbors. They are loud, often making a racket at night, invite unstable company over, and trashed the hallway. Its enough that they often woke up many of the people living here, but they are in a fight with the people right below them, often causing more of a racket.

If thats not bad enough something recently happened across the street. Some creep choose to beat his daughter. I know not of what became of the girl, but I wish her the best of luck where ever she may be. As for the father, no punishment he gets would bring justice to his actions. Even death is to light a punishment.

But yeah, because this area has quickly gone down hill fast we are searching for a new place to live, which is taking up a lot of time.

I have also became a member of the community for the game Element Online. Currently there is no demo out, but its expected soon. I became a Mod for the game as I have supported AbsoluteZer0 for a while. I'm greatly looking forward to this game. Zer0 was also nice enough to make a custom sprite, which will be used in-game. Its Chibi-Chaos :D

Other than that I've been writing more. I currently have several project active, with a few being commissioned for free for a few friends. The one I'm currently most pleased with is Lu-Sha Nightmare. Its a thriller story about a group who won a trip to go to this amazing island. Day turns to night within hours, and staying that way for longer. It is only after a day that the group realize they are in over their heads. When night falls onto the land they must seek shelter within a building, hiding within the light. Together with the natives of the island they must figure out a way to survive.

On another random note I finally found someone to take a commission for me. It will be the first time he ever was drawn, but it will give a good idea on what to change and what not. Heres hoping for the best.

Night all, been fun.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its bound to get better...right?

It has been rather interesting already this year. Many things have happened, some good and some bad, but it was mostly boring.

The whole thing with seems to be happening to others now. Nighthawk had to remake his site. I think it was a good change personally. I am looking into another provider as we speak. Its another one that Nighthawk told me about. I'm hoping it gives better results.

Other than that I've been living my life trying to find a job. No luck. I applied almost everywhere around where I live. The only places I did not apply for was the restaurants and the grocery stores. I refuse to work in one of those places. . . but I might go against my pride if this keep up.

When I'm not looking for a job I concentrate on some of my hobbies. I've recently started a nice book about ghost lores from around the world. I've heard some of them, but its always interesting to hear them again. I learned so much about Hell house and other known places.

I've also started a few stories of my own. Sadly none of them are developed enough to post a good sized preview. If it gets down to the point I post them, I'll make a seperate blog for them.

I've became addicted to web comics as well. I seem to be adding a new comic each week or so.
Lang Lang comic about a chinese cat that is adopted by a family in America. It follows her adventures at school and all the pranks she pulls.
Alien Dice follows Lexx, a player of a game called alien dice, a game about capturing, training, and battling dice which have bonded with an animal. On his first trip to earth he has an fateful encounter with Chel. She decides to come along with Lexx as her pet cat has been turned into a dice. Through various days the mysteries of dice and of Lexx will unfold.
Faux Pas follows the tail of a barn filled with animal actors, both retired and active. Every animal has their own personality, ranging from a chicken addicted to soaps on TV, to cats that like to trick Randy.

I've also been playing a few games to pass the time with.
King Of Chaos - A text based browser game. Train and arm your men and try to raise to the top in this chaotic game. Choose from 5 different classes that fits every type of player out there.
Stargate Wars - Another Texted base browser game based off of the TV show Stargate wars. Join a side, and attempt to climb the ladder. Has several servers offering something different. Can you ascend above the rest?
Kongregate is a flash game portal offering something to both the developers and the players.
Gain badges, and collect cards for the upcoming Kongai card game. Plenty to do, much to see.

That sums up what I've been up to quite nicely. Other than that I've been doing random things, which has helped me get through the beginning of this month. Everything seems to happen at once, and for that I'm thankful its getting it out of the way. The rest of this month should be smooth sailing.

Speaking of this month, I'm greatly looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I've always had fun trying to improve myself in that game, and challenging my brother to a few rounds. Only a few days left before its out. It should take place of all the time I've been spending on flash games and the like.

Well that wraps up what has been happening in my life for the time being. Hope you have a wonderful March, and I'll see you when ever I feel like posting again.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Reasoning for my writting preference

I've recently got the urge to continue my stories. I've been asked why I tend to focus on animal characters instead of humans. The reasoning behind that is quite simple, animals are more interesting.

Each species of animals has their own traits that make them unique. Take for example, a raccoon. If you give him the ability to walk on hind legs, and to talk (or at least make it seem that way from the readers point of view) you would get everything you would already get from humans, but theres more to them. Add in the fact that they are attracted to shiny things, and tend to rummage though the garbage, which easily allows for comedy.

Not only raccoons, but every animal has their own characteristics. Every animal has the option to easily express a set of characteristics in which, you may or may not see from people.

Now, if I just happen to make great progress on the stories, I'll make a section for stories, and post it there. Until then though, you will just have to wait and see what comes forth.

Friday, January 4, 2008

What a great start to the new Year

Well it's here. The jolly holidays are out the window, and stores already have Valentines inventory out. We made our resolutions, now to attempt to accomplish them. My new year resolution is to finally find a job (hopefully) and to give the site itself more attention. Sadly its not going all that well for me.

For the past 12 days I've been having trouble sleeping. I've been tossing and turning, and drifting in and out of sleep. To make matters worse I have new neighbors. Loud, obnoxious neighbors with equally loud kids. Screaming up and down the stairs, yelling very loudly, and a dog to boot.

Well all things are not entirely bad. I've been having a blast playing Mario Galaxy. It has been my one savior when all alone.