Thursday, May 8, 2008

Job status update

As I promised, here is the update about the job situation. The short story, I have a job. The long story is I work for the recruiter place. I report to them until the day an employer decides they want to keep me.

The job has full benefits from the get go, and able to get a nice bonus after working so much.

As for when I start. . . well that's a bit sketchy. You see the moment I begin is when they find me some work. It can be anything from disassembling a desk, and putting it back together elsewhere, to office work. Heres hoping. So yeah, if all goes well I should begin work within the month, or continue to be a lazy lay about. Its a win-win :D

Monday, May 5, 2008

Job attempt take 362

It is happening again. This time however is slightly different than the last few times. I'm not putting in a application, instead I'm going to a recruiter office to take a few placement tests. Hopefully then they shall find a nice office job.

I'm pretty confident that I will do good on the tests. How these tests are done are you choose what type of job you want, then you take a quiz for them. From what I was told there are several jobs where the main needed skill is knowing how to use Microsoft Word. Simple. Sure I might have to learn to use excel or some other program I'm not used to, but I catch on quickly.

I'm also not going in this alone. The entire family is taking part. In fact I found out, and later decided to do this, thanks to my brother, who already took a few of the tests. He will be bringing his computer to educate us on some of the more strange things we may need to know.

Within all honesty I'd be happy if I found a job. I'm not really wanting to get into something dealing with food, and retail, while better, is still bleh. I prefer to work with computers, and typing stuff up would be within my grasp of things I'd be able to do well.

Anyways, thank you for reading.