Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm still alive... and partly sane.

I'm still alive. For those that are not part of the elementonline community, or within talking terms of me let me inform you with what has happened. My family has been effected by the economy. As such we are currently living elsewhere trying to find a new place to live. I'm only able to get on the next on occasion, mostly when my brother decides to play a game.

Now with that up to date, I'm mostly doing fine. I've been using my PSP finally, although not for games. I've found a way to read .txt files and I've been using it as a MP3 player. Not the best use for it, but its more use than what it has seen since I bought it. I've managed to catch up on reading at least.

When I'm able to get the computer, such as now, I am able to check up on my many webcomics, and on occasion get some more OCremixes, which btw released a new album, but more on that a little later. I also contribute most of my time to writing. For the most part I've continued Giant's Solace, which is going onto its tenth chapter soon. On top of that I've been fixing up a story I've had parcially written for a while, Shadows of One's Mind. And on top of that I started another story which is also going to start a new series revolving around dreams. If you want to check them out go over to my Deviant Art profile, which you can see at the side bar to the right.

The OCremix album I was talking about remixes a songs from Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Symphonia. The remix is, in my opinion, on of the better albums they released. If your interested check out and

So heres hoping we can leave this place this month, I don't want to live here for a third month >_<.

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