Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Torture is knowing

Recently I have had only 1 thing on my mind. That this is the move which will be happening in around 1 month. I'm moving with my mother, on only a paycheck and taxes. I am honestly scared of going into the unknown area, but what must be done will be done. From what I figure the move will act like this:

All of February - Packing stuff, and deciding what stays or goes.
Sometime in march: We head off on the aprox. 17 hour drive.
1 ~ 9 hours of drive: Making small pit stops for the two cats, and our selves.
10 ~ 14 hours of driving: we stop for the night, exhausted. Hopefully there will be internet connection so I can talk to friends.

Outcome 1:
11 ~ 17 to 14 ~17 hours of driving: We finally reach our destination. Exhausted, we look at the sights as we find out way to our new home.

A hour later: We finally made it there. We brought the cats inside, along with many of the boxes we have brought with us. We go back out and bring in the rest of the items. After resting for a few minutes (or hours) we start to unpack. Being exhausted we go to bed early.

Outcome 2
11 ~ 17 to 14 ~ 17 hours of driving: we finally reach our destination. We go to a local hotel (maybe motel,) and get a room. We then leave and search for a new living courters. We go to bed early.

Next Day: We find a apartment. We move the items in, and start to unpack. After a few hours of unpacking, we go out and explore the new city, looking for possible jobs.

And thats all I can guess without going all out on all odds.

Currently the worst part of the move is knowing its so close. Its been affecting everything about me, including my mood, my gaming habits, and my silence. Honestly as I stated above, I'm scared. I'll be leaving my brother, who I love dearly, here in this boring dump of a town.

Well heres hoping for the best.