Thursday, March 6, 2008

Its bound to get better...right?

It has been rather interesting already this year. Many things have happened, some good and some bad, but it was mostly boring.

The whole thing with seems to be happening to others now. Nighthawk had to remake his site. I think it was a good change personally. I am looking into another provider as we speak. Its another one that Nighthawk told me about. I'm hoping it gives better results.

Other than that I've been living my life trying to find a job. No luck. I applied almost everywhere around where I live. The only places I did not apply for was the restaurants and the grocery stores. I refuse to work in one of those places. . . but I might go against my pride if this keep up.

When I'm not looking for a job I concentrate on some of my hobbies. I've recently started a nice book about ghost lores from around the world. I've heard some of them, but its always interesting to hear them again. I learned so much about Hell house and other known places.

I've also started a few stories of my own. Sadly none of them are developed enough to post a good sized preview. If it gets down to the point I post them, I'll make a seperate blog for them.

I've became addicted to web comics as well. I seem to be adding a new comic each week or so.
Lang Lang comic about a chinese cat that is adopted by a family in America. It follows her adventures at school and all the pranks she pulls.
Alien Dice follows Lexx, a player of a game called alien dice, a game about capturing, training, and battling dice which have bonded with an animal. On his first trip to earth he has an fateful encounter with Chel. She decides to come along with Lexx as her pet cat has been turned into a dice. Through various days the mysteries of dice and of Lexx will unfold.
Faux Pas follows the tail of a barn filled with animal actors, both retired and active. Every animal has their own personality, ranging from a chicken addicted to soaps on TV, to cats that like to trick Randy.

I've also been playing a few games to pass the time with.
King Of Chaos - A text based browser game. Train and arm your men and try to raise to the top in this chaotic game. Choose from 5 different classes that fits every type of player out there.
Stargate Wars - Another Texted base browser game based off of the TV show Stargate wars. Join a side, and attempt to climb the ladder. Has several servers offering something different. Can you ascend above the rest?
Kongregate is a flash game portal offering something to both the developers and the players.
Gain badges, and collect cards for the upcoming Kongai card game. Plenty to do, much to see.

That sums up what I've been up to quite nicely. Other than that I've been doing random things, which has helped me get through the beginning of this month. Everything seems to happen at once, and for that I'm thankful its getting it out of the way. The rest of this month should be smooth sailing.

Speaking of this month, I'm greatly looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I've always had fun trying to improve myself in that game, and challenging my brother to a few rounds. Only a few days left before its out. It should take place of all the time I've been spending on flash games and the like.

Well that wraps up what has been happening in my life for the time being. Hope you have a wonderful March, and I'll see you when ever I feel like posting again.