Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Seeing myself in a mirror with my eyes closed

Well some things have happened since the last post.

In Site related notes, the first best game contest started and finished today. The results were somewhat pathetic, but somewhat good. Over 1/3 of the forum members voted. The sad part is there is only 6 members there. Oh well.

In Gaming life news, I'm overly joyed about the new release of soldat. 1.4 runs really well, I've yet to have the problems 1.3 had. . . sadly I lost my reg key, so I'm going to have to get another one soon... I want that mini map for the hell of it :P

I've also been having a blast playing Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the wii. The controls work well, and I am really loving the plot.

In personal life news, well I've got myself a part time job. It starts at 6 dollars an hour, and I only have to work around 15 hours each week. Sadly its a pizza joint, but with my mother working there, it could be lots of fun. Can anyone say water fights. If you can't well never say never, cause it did happen before. I vow to myself and a few others that I will give the job atleast 1 month of work, and I'll decide at that time if I stay or if I go. If I do stay for 3 months though I will get a free 25 dollars... but I will only know if its worth it when some time has passed.

I think this job will help me grow more as a person, allowing me to see more of myself upon the looking glass of life.

So heres hoping I will be able to see myself with my eyes closed.

Chaosknight Signing off.

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