Friday, April 18, 2008

Random events leave bad tastes

Things have been chaotic on this side of the Earth. I don't honestly know where to begin.

For starters I've been being driven up the wall by my neighbors. They are loud, often making a racket at night, invite unstable company over, and trashed the hallway. Its enough that they often woke up many of the people living here, but they are in a fight with the people right below them, often causing more of a racket.

If thats not bad enough something recently happened across the street. Some creep choose to beat his daughter. I know not of what became of the girl, but I wish her the best of luck where ever she may be. As for the father, no punishment he gets would bring justice to his actions. Even death is to light a punishment.

But yeah, because this area has quickly gone down hill fast we are searching for a new place to live, which is taking up a lot of time.

I have also became a member of the community for the game Element Online. Currently there is no demo out, but its expected soon. I became a Mod for the game as I have supported AbsoluteZer0 for a while. I'm greatly looking forward to this game. Zer0 was also nice enough to make a custom sprite, which will be used in-game. Its Chibi-Chaos :D

Other than that I've been writing more. I currently have several project active, with a few being commissioned for free for a few friends. The one I'm currently most pleased with is Lu-Sha Nightmare. Its a thriller story about a group who won a trip to go to this amazing island. Day turns to night within hours, and staying that way for longer. It is only after a day that the group realize they are in over their heads. When night falls onto the land they must seek shelter within a building, hiding within the light. Together with the natives of the island they must figure out a way to survive.

On another random note I finally found someone to take a commission for me. It will be the first time he ever was drawn, but it will give a good idea on what to change and what not. Heres hoping for the best.

Night all, been fun.

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