Sunday, February 4, 2007

Wondering mind

Well my mind is wondering all around again. To be honest I had no idea I had a mind, but any way, lets get started. The first thing my mind is wondering on about has to do with my website. Its about game and all that, but there is a limit to what it can host. Currently the game pages load extremely slow. I can speed it up, but every action has some problems. I could do nothing about it, but the current loading problems would still be there, I could take out the problem, but people would not be able to rate or give their opinions about the games, and the final thing I can do is create a forum, and make a topic for each game. I can't add more pages, as the current provider only allows 20 pages. Around 14 of them are taken up, and I can add a few more pages which is not enough in the long run. I hate indecisive minds.

The next question on my mind is mainly this: What was I going to ask?

Well as my mind trys tofigure out the answer, its happy to know a few things. The first being the first timeline of moving is extended by about 1 month. We will move move at the END of march. The next thing is some of my favorite games are still being made.

I know many of these things are trivial, but to me they either make or break my minds concentration.

Well untill next post, so long readers.

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