Saturday, February 24, 2007

As the time comes to a close. . .

V_V its almost 1 month till moving day. I'm getting a bit nervous, but I'm still excited about this move. We are now packing up in most of our free time. All the memories... We have also been eating mostly fast food recently >_< I'm so sick of it now, but we can't really stock up our kitchen with food now. We have also been making lists of what goes with us. I already know I'm taking 3 boxes. 1 Is something that I will never leave behind. Its my baby blanket that has some good memories to it. Another is of course books,oh the wonders of books. The other box is filled with odds and ends... maybe it will just be filled with a few bears that mean something to me. We have also decided to store all the VHS tapes we have at the house. Taking our selection of DVDs will be our main sanity keeper there. . . but I know we will mostly watch Tremors 1-4, signs, The Birds, Saw 1-3 the most. My games are of course going, as they will help when I'm home alone. This computer will be going, along with so many disks. We would like to take the big cat perch here. We will be taking a lawn chair, although made of metal, its very nice to sit on. We are leaving the big tv here, as its about shot, and taking a much smaller TV. My eyes are soar already. . . Here I go rambling about random stuff again. I tell ya I need to stop going off and rambling on stuff like that. Well that does it for this blog session, hope to write to you all again soon.

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