Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Just another manic monday

So much has gone on today. With it being the beginning of the month, we have been packing up. We have also been getting items ready. We have recently got a Cell Phone, which is being shipped here. We bought a digital camera, and a 256 SD card, a web cam, and a thin pocket alarm clock. The clock it self is nice, it is around half a inch all around when folded, and around 3-4 inches arcross. When open it shows the time, the alarm, the current temp, and the date. It has a 3 second light, and a snooze alarm. Its also pretty loud. A steal for 10 dollars. Here I go rambling on about items...oh dear.

Well on another note where I live is a HUGE mess. Boxes everywhere. Nothing more has to be said about that.

On news about my website, I have been playing Purge a lot. Other than that not much can be said. I updated the top games of the month, but with so few visitors, it seems like a hopeless cause. Each time I do think that, I am almost tempted to give up. but I don't want to give up to any of the people that visit now. I have faith in my site, in fact this is the first site I've made ever that even up... other than that there is only 1 other forum being used. Oh well.

Well its time I go. At time of post the temp where I live is 78 F, and 37 F outside.
Goodnight, and I'm praying I can get a great sleep tonight.

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