Thursday, March 29, 2007

An weird feeling

Well I did not move. We had a weird feeling about it and we have been taught to go with our feelings.

So with all that, we took all that money that we were going to use on the trip to make our selves at home. We bought beds, soft soft beds ^_^, and some other things. I got a few books, a game (Command & conquer: The first Decade) and now we are looking for a Wii. I have yet to see one on shelves since it was released. Its going to be real "fun" to find one. I've also was persuaded to play halo. I've downloaded the demo and I'm drooling over it. Sure its old, but its still a great game... time to fork over 20 more dollars for it. . .

oh well, time to go to bed and continue to unpack what we packed before we decided not to go.

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