Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A wonderful day

Well believe it or not, I had a wonderful day today. Since I woke up (2:00 PM) the day seemed weird. I was well rested, and full of energy. Around 6:00 PM we went out. We stopped by a dollar store, laughing with each other. We then went to K-mart. We expected nothing, but when we got to the electronics, we found a Wii. We did not know if there was enough out of taxs to buy it then and there, but thankfully the guy at the register was someone my mother worked with. He held the Wii while we double checked. At around 7 PM they left the house after checking the account to get it. I stayed behind in case someone we were expecting got off work early. Around 30 minutes later they showed up with the wii. A little after that fact the person we were waiting for showed up. We then ate a wonderful Beef Braid dinner, then left for a movie at the dollar theaters.

The movie we watched was Ghost rider. It was one of those few movies that we would have gladly paid full price for. It is in fact one of the few Marvel movies I liked. The other two being the first 2 X-men movies... I'm still looking forward to the Iron man movie though.

Now everyone is asleep, except for me. The wii is hooked up and working great.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

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