Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some useless facts about me.

I shall post about some of the inner workings of my mind.


Normally I stay up late. I also tend to sleep in. I tend to sleep with a heavy blanket all the time, sometimes even 2. But sleeping for me is not as easy as you may think. If my mind is wondering then I will find it hard to fall asleep.

There are a few events that keep me up. The first is if there is a big event happeneing soon. For my is could be a birthday, a holiday, starting something big (school, work, ect) and other things like that. I have yet to find a way to sleep easily during such times.

The second event is when my mind is filled with certin emotions. They could be anything from excitement, to extreme sorrow. In those cases I tend to read, or work out the said problem.

The final main event is when I form the beginning of a story in my head. In those cases I get up and force myself to put those on paper, if its to late to get back onto the computer. In fact thats how most of my stories begin.

Story writing:

As many know I like to write stories. As with sleeping, I have several methods of starting stories.

1. As you read above, the words come to me when I try to sleep or rest.

2. Being in a state of pure emotion also tends to be a great way to make a story for me.

Number 2 has produced a lot of interesting results. Some were born out of Hatred and Anger, while some sorrowful tales started when I was being extremely depressed. Bordom tends to give a drama stories with a twist. Excitement tends to not produce stories, but you never know.

Now many people would like to see some of the stories, but the fact is many are on paper, and I'm to lazy to write them. Also many of the stories were never published, so they are deemed unfit for the public.

My Dreams for the future:

Well I normally don't talk about this, but might as well. To be honest I don't know what I'm going to do with my life. I do like to write, but the thing is I need to be inspired to write. Thats something that does not happen every week. . or month for that matter. Besides I would hate to fake it. There are many books that were made out of the authors mind, many with out the persons blood and sweat in it. I just can't seem to like those. The books that you can since a deep feeling of what is being conveyed is something worth reading. There are many other things I like, but since I quit High school, my current job opportunity's are extremely limited, but I play one getting a GED. If I do, I would like to do something with computers, while writing something in my free time.

Oh well thats all for now.

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