Monday, March 12, 2007

Clearing up some stuff

Well its been known that I'm going to be moving for around a month. What is not know is whats going to become of the forum or even when I'm going to be going. Well its time to clear it up.

When is the date of the move?
I'm going to be moving around April 2nd.

Where are you now, and where are you moving to?
I'm currently in Cheyenne Wyoming, and I'm going to moving to around Seattle Washington.

Are you scared?
F*** yeah I'm scared. This is the first big move I'm done in my life. In total I've only visited 2 states, and thats not saying much. The biggest move I've done was from Greeley to Cheyenne.

What are you going to miss most of all?
Well there are many things. The main things I'm going to miss are being near family, being in familiar surrounding's, and knowing all the good places to eat.

Your leaving family? Do you want to add onto that?
Sure. Well we are leaving 2 family members. Scott Cruz (who we unofficially adopted) and Michael Reason (my brother). I'm going to miss so much with them. I'm going to miss their birthdays (one being on the 16th of April), Halloween, Christmas, and all that. I'm going to really miss being around those two bad influences.

That must be tough. Do you have any way to keep in contact with them?
Well we got a cell phone, to help with being in contact while on the rode, a web cam so we can see each other's faces while we are away, and a digital camera to send all those crazy moments to each other.

... well lets try to change the subject, mainly because I am short on time.
ok, I could ramble on forever about them.

What will happen to the site you are working on, and the forum attached to it?
Well I've thought about this. For the main site, I'm going to leave it as is. I'll put up a note explaining why I'm not around, and I'll take that off when I get the chance. As for the forum, I'm going to leave it in the hands of Nighthawk. I know he will do a good job. If there is a need for a second mod, he has all right to do what needs to be done.

What if he goes crazy, and bans all of us?
I'm 100% sure he won't do that without good reason. I have great trust in him, thats why I made him the rank he is now.

Ok thats good to hear. How long will it take you to get the internet back?
Well thats one thing thats hard to say. It will depend on many factors including mainly including money and time. I'm estimating around 1-2 weeks. Of course I may be back on dialup so I may not be able to visit as often (or update, test games, ect...)

Wow that is sad. Well the best of luck to you, and lets hope you have a safe trip.
Will do. But who knows, I might do a temp picture gallery when I return. You may finally see the face of the person behind the forums and such.

I shall wait for that day :), but sadly my time has ran out.
:) ok I'll wait for the next interview for when I return from the 3 day move (plus the intenetless

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